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Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages

On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, Will Newton wrote:

Thanks for investigating this.  It would be great if somebody could fix
this issue which is probably not much effort for a C++ programmer.  If
it would compile nicely I would take the package (or would leave it for
somebody who cares for it inside Debian).

I haven't tested this change but it does compile.
The diff leads to smooth compilation of the C++ code but I have to admit
that I have no idea what this code really does.

On the other hand the perl code was acceptable fast for the job I was
doing with it and it did it to my complete satisfaction.  So perhaps
I go for an upload of the original program and add a hint to the
README.Debian for the C++ version.  If there is nobody hwo would be really
keen on taking this over himself, I'll go for an upload in the next
couple of days.

Kind regards



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