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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please

Le Dim 19 Juin 2005 18:14, Frans Pop a écrit :
> On Sunday 19 June 2005 17:48, Simon Richter wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Frans Pop wrote:
> > > I think blocking mails based on an address being dynamic/static
> > > sucks.
> >
> > Indeed, but the only systems that send out email from dynamic IP
> > addresses are spam zombies (90%[1]) and people who run their own
> > MTA,
> You are missing my point which was that you can not trust ISP's to
> properly designate an address as being dynamic/static, so blocking on
> that basis will also block people who actually _do_ have a static
> address.

exactly. e.g. I have a static IP, given by my french ISP (free.fr aka 
proxad.net). they even give me the possibility (without more charges) 
to set the reverse DNS on that IP. you can check it, the corresponding 
DNS name is : olympe.madism.org :

[madcoder beacon] host olympe.madism.org
olympe.madism.org has address

[madcoder beacon] host domain name pointer olympe.madism.org.

I know for sure that some rbls lists my IP as a dialup/dynamic IP 
address. which is wrong.

and the reason why I do have an SMTP server on that IP is that I don't 
like the methods used by french ISP wrt a matter of antispam and 
antivirus policies. I only trust my methods, since some tests I ran 
showed that they dropped a too large amount of mails pretending it was 

Though, I have configured my SMTP server to use smtp.free.fr (which is 
the SMTP server of my ISP) as the default route for my mail, since I've 
had too many problems wrt my IP. And believe me, it's *really* 
displeasing to be blacklisted as a dialup line.
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