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Re: Debian concordance

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 11:35 -0500, Ian Murdock wrote:

> "Debian packages just work" has been a truism for *years*, and it's been
> one of our key technical selling points. I don't want to see that fall
> by the wayside. This thread is a perfect example of what will happen
> if we don't worry about this stuff *now*. I've seen this movie before.
Actually, this is a conceit that for some reason Debian Developers (who,
of course, only run Debian on their systems) still maintain while the
rest of the world believes the exact opposite.

Debian has had a long history of being hostile towards any attempt to
provide .debs that aren't in the archive, both socially and technically.

Walking up to a "man on the street", if anything, you'll find Debian has
a far worse reputation than RPM and RedHat-derived distributions.  The
general feeling is that third-party RPMs will almost always install on
any system, while third-party .debs are practically useless.

A definitive example would be the (eventually abandoned) attempt by
Ximian to provide debs for Helix GNOME.

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