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Re: Debian concordance

Daniel Stone wrote:
> libc6 added interfaces between 2.3.2 and 2.3.5 and made several other
> major changes, so all packages built with .5 depend on .5 or above,
> in case you use one of the new interfaces.
> A binary built with 2.3.2 can run with .5, but a binary built with .5
> can't necessarily run with .2.

Then why not build your packages against 2.3.2? That would ensure
maximum compatibility with Debian proper (which to most of the
world is sarge, *not* sid, so don't answer that you're almost the
same as sid).

I don't begrudge your attempt to innovate, but I doubt your
users consider a slightly newer libc innovation, particularly when
it introduces problems like this. I strongly suspect they're
more interested in your X.org and GNOME 2.10. Given
that, a lot of this divergence seems pretty gratutious to me.

P.S. - This whole thread is *exactly* the kind of thing I'm
talking about when I talk about Ubuntu divergence from Debian
and the kinds of headaches that are naturally going to arise
from that. For debian-devel's benefit, the thread starts here:


P.S. - Don't tell me "build from source" is the answer--with a package
system as advanced as Debian's, this shouldn't be necessary. And,
as above, to most of the world, this is a non-started for many reasons.
Ian Murdock
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