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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please

md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) writes:

> On Jun 18, Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> wrote:
>> Email is realtime.  I receive mails much more quickly than five minutes
>> on average; within seconds, typically, even for round-trips to many
>> mailing lists.  Reducing that to minutes on average is beyond unacceptable.

> What I like of you is your reasonableness and common sense.

Glenn Maynard is asking that you follow the publically agreed RFCs
that describe correct mail handling.  One of those rules is that you
must do "best effort" delivery.  You, instead, seem to have adopted
the strategy of "everyone else do more work and spend money so that I
don't have to."

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