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Re: Mozilla Foundation Trademarks

* John Hasler (jhasler@debian.org) wrote:
> Michael writes:
> > Debian doesn't "need" such an arrangement, as I argued in a previous
> > thread six months ago; there's the Coty v. Prestonettes standard and all
> > that.  But IMHO it would be advisable for both sides if such an
> > arrangement were reached.
> Exactly.  If Debian doesn't need such an arrangement, neither do our users.
> And if our users don't need such an arrangement, our accepting it does not
> put us in a privileged position with respect to them: they have the legal
> right to do everything that we want to do with or without permission.
> So let's accept the "arrangement" and move on.  There is no DFSG problem
> here even if we do accept the notion that the DFSG applies to trademarks.

If we don't need the "arragement", why exactly would we accept it

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