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Help with the c2man to doxygen migration

In http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2003/10/msg00019.html Manoj
Srivastava pointed out that, "c2man has been dead upstream for years
(which was, so far, not a problem), and does not work with modern
C/C++ programs -- which _is_ a problem. The functionality has been
superseded with packages like doxygen".  He wanted to remove c2man
back then (October 2003) but couldn't because some (but few) programs
still used it.

I've now filed wishlist bugs on these three packages.  I'd like to ask
people who know doxygen to submit patches to those packages to migrate
from c2man to doxygen.

#313264 in dmachinemon
#313265 in libvformat
#313266 in wine

Martin Michlmayr

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