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Re: Help with the c2man to doxygen migration

> In http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2003/10/msg00019.html Manoj
> Srivastava pointed out that, "c2man has been dead upstream for years
> (which was, so far, not a problem), and does not work with modern
> C/C++ programs -- which _is_ a problem. The functionality has been
> superseded with packages like doxygen".  He wanted to remove c2man
> back then (October 2003) but couldn't because some (but few) programs
> still used it.

Hmm.. there is a way to work around it, and I've been using the 
Do you really need to remove it if it's a working code?

I don't like doxygen for its enormous configuration file
and flexibility :P
> #313264 in dmachinemon
> #313265 in libvformat
> #313266 in wine


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