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CDBS and /usr/share/doc links


I wanted to switch to CDBS which makes the packaging awesome easy.  One
final problem was left for me when I tried to use implement the following
multi binary package:

Extract from control:

Package: tipptrainer
Architecture: any
Depends: tipptrainer-data, ...
Package: tipptrainer-data-de
Architecture: all
Depends: tipptrainer (=${Source-Version})
Package: tipptrainer-data-en
Architecture: all
Depends: tipptrainer (=${Source-Version})

Intended layout:

$ ls -l `pwd`/debian/tipptrainer-data-*/usr/share/doc
lrwxr-xr-x  1 tillea admin 11 2005-06-09 10:55 tipptrainer-data-de -> tipptrainer

lrwxr-xr-x  1 tillea admin 11 2005-06-09 10:55 tipptrainer-data-en -> tipptrainer

My try in debian/rules to accomplish this:


        rm -rf `pwd`/debian/$(pkg-de)/usr/share/doc/$(pkg-de)
        ln -s $(pkg) `pwd`/debian/$(pkg-de)/usr/share/doc/$(pkg-de)
        rm -rf `pwd`/debian/$(pkg-en)/usr/share/doc/$(pkg-en)
        ln -s $(pkg) `pwd`/debian/$(pkg-en)/usr/share/doc/$(pkg-en)

The result is that the build log (sorry for German locale, but the problem seems
to be clear):

dh_installdocs -ptipptrainer-data-de ./README ./NEWS ./TODO ./BUGS ./AUTHORS
dh_installdocs -ptipptrainer-data-en ./README ./NEWS ./TODO ./BUGS ./AUTHORS
dh_builddeb -ptipptrainer-data-de
dpkg-deb: baue Paket »tipptrainer-data-de« in »../tipptrainer-data-de_0.6.0-3_all.deb«.
rm -rf `pwd`/debian/tipptrainer-data-de/usr/share/doc/tipptrainer-data-de
ln -s tipptrainer `pwd`/debian/tipptrainer-data-de/usr/share/doc/tipptrainer-data-de
dh_shlibdeps -ptipptrainer-data-en
dh_gencontrol -ptipptrainer-data-en
dh_md5sums -ptipptrainer-data-en
dh_builddeb -ptipptrainer-data-en
dpkg-deb: baue Paket »tipptrainer-data-en« in »../tipptrainer-data-en_0.6.0-3_all.deb«.
rm -rf `pwd`/debian/tipptrainer-data-en/usr/share/doc/tipptrainer-data-en
ln -s tipptrainer `pwd`/debian/tipptrainer-data-en/usr/share/doc/tipptrainer-data-en

So the links are implemented right *after* the package is builded instead of
*before*.  I tried to get a clue from


where this is stated this way, but I tried "install/foo::" first which does
not help either, because this is executed before dh_installdocs which fails
obviousely because there is no directory to copy the docs to.  So the
question is:

   Is there any hook which I can insert inbetween dh_installdocs and dh_builddeb ?

Or is there even a hook for doing exactly what I want: Link to the doc directory
of a dependant package?

Kind regards



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