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Re: Planet Debian and Akregator

to, 2005-06-09 kello 11:40 +0200, Pierre HABOUZIT kirjoitti:
>   AFAIK, it is a debianplanet bug since the source feeds it uses *are*
> correctly escaped.

I haven't bothered to investigate it often when the ampersand problem
occurs, but on the couple of occasions I have, it has been a case of the
ampersand being escaped only once, not twice.

In RSS, or at least the versions of RSS I have read about (RSS being a
mess of conflicting badly defined drafts of standards at best), there
are two levels of encoding: the RSS level and the HTML level. First you
create the HTML content, and at this point, you have to write "&" if
you want an ampersand. Then you escape the HTML so that you can embed it
into the RSS without having the HTML tags be interpreted by the RSS
processors. At this point, the original "&" had been encoded as "&"
and that now becomes becomes "&".

"&" (what user sees) -> "&" (HTML code) -> "&" (HTML
embedded in RSS).

This is easily all very confusing, of course, and therefore easy to make
mistakes in. I may well have made mistakes in my explanation: it's been
a couple of years since I wrote my RSS generating code.

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