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Re: C++ ABI change for etch -- freeze unstable for all C++ libs with changed or new sonames

<quote who="Josselin Mouette" date="2005-06-05 18:50:57 +0200">
> The problem is that the decisions are always taken for the Ubuntu
> distribution first. Then, people from Canonical or people wanting to
> keep compatibility between the two distributions will always want Debian
> to follow the decisions taken for Ubuntu, regardless of their technical
> merit and relevance for Debian. This way, Debian ends up being lead by
> Canonical, and always lagging behind.

There are no closed Ubuntu development lists or IRC development
channels and you can go see for yourself. I can save you the trouble
and, as somebody with "insider knowledge" tell you that no such
conspiracy, or the desire for one, exists in the Ubuntu community or
within Canonical.

Then again, I'm "one of them" so I hardly expect you to believe me.

> I'm not saying that for this particular decision, it wasn't the right
> thing to do. I'm questioning the independence of the project as a whole
> for important technical decisions.

I think that Debians' instituational independence remains its
strongest asset and the most attractive thing to me about the project
on a personal level. Ubuntu hackers aren't trying to threaten that
and, even if they were, I don't think they would be succesful.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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