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Re: C++ ABI change for etch -- freeze unstable for all C++ libs with changed or new sonames

Hello Josselin,

Am Sonntag, den 05.06.2005, 18:01 +0200 schrieb Josselin Mouette:
> Oh, great. I forgot that Canonical's business model is to use Ubuntu as
> an upstaging area for Debian, so that we're always lagging behind. Will
> the next development decisions also be taken by some Canonical staff?

could you please try to discuss problems, whatever they REALLY are in a
calm an rational way?

The decisions that were taken, were discussed by not just Canonical
employees. Did you actually check if they make sense at all? To me it
seems to be the only reasonable thing.

You just heat up the discussion with your mail and get nowhere.
Everybody involved in the transition does great work; such complaints
just stop people, it drains motivation, what do you intend?

Sorry for all this, but I just cannot stand how 3 hot-headed lines make
people upset and annoy them.

Have a nice day,

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