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Re: C++ ABI change for etch -- freeze unstable for all C++ libs with changed or new sonames

* Josselin Mouette 

| Oh, great. I forgot that Canonical's business model is to use Ubuntu as
| an upstaging area for Debian, so that we're always lagging behind.

Uhm, so you think Debian should have done the gcc 4.0 transition while
in the final stages of a freeze?  Do you think Ubuntu would have done
this transition if we could have pushed it through Debian quicker than
doing it ourselves in Ubuntu?  I would rather be thankful that
somebody had actually done 90% of the work already in the same way
that the Ubuntu developers have been very, very happy about all the
work committed by Andreas Jochens as part of his gcc3.4 and later gcc
4.0 AMD64 port.

| Will the next development decisions also be taken by some Canonical
| staff?

They are already, but why is that relevant?  Why is that a bigger
problem than development decisions being taken by HP staff, Progeny
staff, RedHat staff, SuSE staff, IBM staff and employees of other
organisations?  Debian isn't under the control of any of those
organisations; that should be fairly obvious.

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