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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

<quote who="Eduard Bloch" date="2005-06-03 08:49:31 +0200">
> And I think it is a fair demand asking all Ubuntu Developers to wear the
> Ubuntu hats when Ubuntu specific questions are beeing discussed.
> Read: I expect you to specify whateveryourloginis@ubuntu.com in the From:
> field, otherwise reading the mail discussions and understanding people's
> position becomes hard.

If my position was "Ubuntu Developer" it would be that simple. But I'm
*just* as much a Debian developer as I am an Ubuntu developer. I've
certainly been working on Debian longer.

I use ubuntu.com addresses when working on ubuntu lists and when
communicating on behalf of the Ubuntu project or on behalf of my work
on that project. I do the same with my Debian address.

In threads like this, things get hairy because my opinions are
informed in part by my work on Ubuntu, in part by my work on Debian,
and in part by my own personal opinions. I'm certainly not speaking
wholly for either Ubuntu nor Debian.

It seems most appropriate to me to just using a From: line that is my
personal email address but I am not means trying to hide any of my


Benjamin Mako Hill

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