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Re: Possible idea towards future package handling

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 10:26:43PM +1200, Nigel Jones wrote:
> I've just been reading on the wiki that someone things there should be
> a pretesting branch for Debian, (good idea in my opinion), but why
> don't we try and stop rouge packages at unstable.  Some maintainers
> obviously make mistakes every now and then while packaging "z",
> sometimes (if not all the time) the maintainer is generally unaware on
> any problems, so why not say the following:
> In addition to testings requirements (x days, no more RC bugs than the
> last version, all builds up to date), why don't we say, that all
> packages need to be verified as "up to policy" and
> "installable/uninstallable" by say 2 different people, this could be
> made up of a separate team (as I'm not sure on the numbers of uploads
> that pass though unstable a week I can't really guess the size), this
> would not require members to be DD's just people that have been around
> enough to earn respect of RM's/FTPMasters etc...

Suggestion: seperate policy from mechanism.  Have a system to distribute 
such information, then individuals (or groups) can implement specific
policies as they see fit.  For example, one site may wish to use
"3 DD's", or any one of my 5 best mates, but not ..." another may 
wish to do as you describe, another ...

At first blush, such statements look a bit like BTS stuff, and packages
such as apt-listbugs already exist.  The problem may be getting such
material accepted in the BTS.  Perhaps a seperate system would be worth
building ?

Another system that comes to mind is popcon.

In the interim you could try something along the lines of delaying 
updates from unstable (that you don't want to review) for some short 
period of time and then use apt-listbugs, whilst contributing bug
reports for some list of packages you review.

I also think this kind of thing could have a use, and would like to add
rebuildablility of packages to the list: if I can build a package from 
source and confirm that it matches a distributed binary package, then
I could share this information. (of course there are technical issues,
and some may see the whole idea as of questionable value, but hey ...)

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