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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

On Thursday 02 June 2005 10:47, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> We are doing what we can, with the resources available to us, to make our
> work available to Debian, through the patch publishing mechanism, and
> cooperation with Debian teams.  If there is a different approach which
> could be implemented using the same resources, I am willing to listen to
> such proposals, but we have very limited developer resources compared to
> Debian.

Well, it's visible that Ubuntu developers try to cooperate with DD according 
to their resources, which is something really nice to see. There are some 
technical or communication details which need to be resolved, like which 
SCM's have to be used for packaging and/or development, where, how to branch 
certain specific derivations if any, and the like. If a consensus point of 
these is reached, which could be resolved on a per-team basis (e.g. like 
gnome, d-i teams) I see no big obstacles for DD's and other children 
distributons developers (I don't mean Ubuntu's ones only here) to cooperate 
on alioth svn, arch, darcs and so on repos. Branch distro-specific stuff as 
well, and upload packages in your own archive. Yes, I understand that 
sometimes it is hard to reach the consensus point, but needs to be tried. 
Certainly "howto team" hint document is needed here.

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