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Re: proficiency-level tag for debian packages

Will Newton <will@misconception.org.uk> writes:

> This would be rather arbitrary and probably be liable to cause disagreements. 
> I think you could get much the same affect with some well chosen tags and 
> debtags. e.g. you could filter on:
> command line only tools
> enterprise tools (e.g. groupware, RDBMS)
> scientific tools (e.g. octave, R)
> sysadmin tools (e.g. mrtg)

Even within these categories there is some need for finer grain.

For example, groupware clients are mostly "easy, end-user, corporate"
groupware servers are mostly "impossible, sysadmin, corporate, server"

But debtags should cope with this?

I can see an installer screen like the old tasksel menu, where I can say
to someone over the phone:

"Yes, now the installer should have brought up a long list of words with
tick-boxes by them. Select easy, desktop, internet, end-user, corporate
and OurLocalPackages. Now click [Install All Relevant]"

cheers, Rich.

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