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proficiency-level tag for debian packages

Pardon me if this has already been discussed, but I wonder if there should be a tag in debian packages indicating the a minimum proficiency level that a user should have in order for a package to be useful to the user.

For example, a package like OpenOffice or Firefox are end-user applications which most users (even those completely unfamiliar with linux) would have a good chance at understanding and being able to use. On the other hand, a package like nmap might not be something my Grandma would be wanting to use every day, and thus it might be better to have a higher proficiency-level rating for such a package.

The motivation for such a thing is that it would make it possible for package-management tools to operate in an "easy" mode which would only display (or display in a separate category) packages which have a proficiency-rating < x. This would be very handy in that it would permit using Debian and an apt frontend like synaptic to make it easy for more-or-less "computer-illiterate" people to install new packages which match their skill-level, without having to wade through hundreds of libraries and technical tools which they would never use.

Perhaps there's a better way to accomplish this, but the ability to limit the display of packages in this manner is something that it seems would be beneficial to have.


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