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Re: Debian kernels

On Sun, 2005-05-29 at 16:09 +1000, Russell Coker wrote:
> The option CONFIG_AUDIT needs to be enabled to allow SE Linux access denials 
> to be logged, without this it is impossible to use SE Linux.  While making 
> such changes enabling the option CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL would be useful, this 
> enables auditing of the system calls performed by applications.  Using this 
> requires the auditd package to be installed (*).
> (*) I don't have time to take on another package at the moment.  But I would 
> be happy to help someone who wants to package auditd.
 I have a little time and would like to package auditd. There are two
problems I am asking for:
1) What's the timeframe? Should it be available for Sarge, so it needs
   quick packaging?
2) I don't have experience with SELinux, but as my secondenary workplace
   just switching to it from GRSecurity (and I am the maintainer of it
   in Debian), I think it would be a fit for me even if I need some more
   time to deal with it.

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