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Re: unrar version confusion

Hi, all

I read all comments, but I didnt understood what I need to do.
Ola Lundqvist is my sponsor, but if Jeroen or other could upload , I will be grateful, because Ola is very busyed.

Can I have 2 sponsors ?

You can have 900 if you can find 900 people replying to your requests
still having a key in the keyring :).

Each upload needs one sponsor, it's strongly adviseable to stick with
one sponsor per package though, because that reduces work for the
sponsor and gets you consistency in comments. But it's not needed.

For here, I'd be happy if Ola could sponsor you, regardless, no new
upload needed before sarge releases.


Ah,  ok :)
Its very good,, but is very difficult to find sponsors, because they always are very busy. :( Well,, now Im waiting for Sarge release, and after I will send my packages to Ola.

About unrar,  what need I to do ?  did I adopt what version of unrar ?

Jose Carlos

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