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Re: RFC on mysql 4.1 in sarge


[1st RC issue - dpkg removes symlinks when upgrading from 3.23]

As discussed before in some corner cases we can do nothing except 
for showing the user an explanation what happened which has been
done in 4.1.11a-2 and 4.0.24-10.

[2nd RC issue - statically linked db3]

> The new bug #308966 complains that mysql-server and libnss-db produce
> segfault crashes as mysql-server-4.1 until now still had the obsolete BDB (aka
> BerkeleyDB) engine enabled which uses a statically linked local db3 version.

This affects only mysql-server-4.1, not the 4.0 branch. Option 3 changed:

1. just stay with 4.1.11a-2 and the bug
2. an upload without BDB support as 4.1.11a-3
3. an upload with Piotr Roszatyckis 8 line patch that mainly only adds
   --with-uniquename=_mysql to the configure options and runs sed over
   one header file (the actual diff is ~50 lines because the patch is
   been saved as dpatch file like all other patches, too)
   I verified that the patched package
   - runs in those cases where the old segfaultet
   - contains the unique-fied symbols only in /usr/sbin/mysqld and
     not in the libraries which would be problematic
   - succeeds the mysql benchmark and some basic tests I did
   The patch itself can be reviewed at
So I'm in favour of 3. but could live with the other choices, too. Steve?



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