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Re: Status of 'sarge' for the amd64 architecture

Le lundi 25 avril 2005 à 16:54 +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar a écrit :
> > See, that just makes no sense whatsover. You can claim either:
> > 
> > 1) Adding AMD64 would increase the mirror load unacceptably
> > OR
> > 2) Removing ARM would not have a significant effect on the mirror load
> > 
> > but not both at the same time. (Yes, I realize that two different people
> > made these claims, but which one am I supposed to believe?)
> Sure one can: removing arm would be removing arm from testing, not from
> unstable. Currently around 800 (of the > 8000) source packages in
> testing have a different version compared to unstable, even less so
> different arm packages (think big arch:all packages, or arch:i386
> specific packages). This means that removing arm from testing would
> only save about 1GB of space.

This is true today. Will it still be true in a few months for the
differences between stable and unstable?
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