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Sarge release for amd64 - Please help to fix the remaining bugs

Debian sarge release for the amd64 architecture

At the amd porters irc meeting on 2005-04-23 07:00 UTC, the amd64 porting
team decided to release a version of sarge for amd64 which is based on the 
unpatched Debian sarge source packages. 

The amd64 porting team will provide security support for the sarge release
by autobuilding the security updates as soon as the fixed sources become

Proposed updates and updated versions for Debian sarge point releases 
will also be made available for amd64 by the amd64 porting team.

The package archive for the Debian amd64 sarge port will be hosted by
a Debian server which is located in Darmstadt, Germany. 
The complete debian-amd64 project will move from the current alioth host 
to that server.

Packages from sarge with build problems on amd64

There are still a few packages in sarge which fail to build from source 
on amd64. Those packages will not be part of the amd64 release of sarge.

The packages mentioned in the table below and all their dependencies 
will not be part of the amd64 sarge release unless the listed problems 
get fixed really soon and the fixed package versions make it into sarge.

The following architecture specific packages from Debian sarge/main 
currently (as of 2005-04-24) fail to build from source for amd64:

Package          BTS Bug   Problem description
---------------- -------   ---------------------------------------------------
amynth           #274703+  missing '#include <signal.h>' in main.cc
armagetron       -         dh_installchangelogs: command returned error code 11
cal3d            -      +  libcal3d-doc/html/functions_rela.html missing
cbmlink          #207003+  uses i386 specific code
cdrdao           #249634+  x86_64-linux-{cc,gcc}.rul links missing
elk              -      +  needs workaround for ICE with gcc-3.3
freewnn          #142253   segfaults during build (same as on ia64)
ftape-tools      -         "ltconfig: you must specify a host type..."
ghdl             #276399   ghdl internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
gnustep-base     -      +  does not build with gcc-3.3 (needs gcc >= 3.4)
guile-core       #255894+  amd64 missing in UNSUPPORTED_QTHREAD_ARCHS
heaplayers       -         "*** [allocators] Error 1"
hfsutils         #280310+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
icom             #277805+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
ircd-ircu        #254165+  configure check for res_mkquery fails
k3d              #278966   compilation of expression.cpp does not finish
kmatplot         #286533+  missing -fPIC
krb4             #175491+  configure does not define HAVE_H_ERRNO
kuake            -         "Can't find X libraries"
kxstitch         -         "Can't find X libraries"
libglademm2.0    #279985+  "$LD" vs. $LD in configure
libgtk-java      -         java.lang.NullPointerException
libhdf4          #251275+  missing amd64 support in hdf/src/hdfi.h
libmysqlclient-lgpl -      Linuxthreads test has to be switched off for amd64
libooc-vo        #164726   "*** [liboo2c_vo@EXEEXT@] Error 1"
libpolyxmass     -         "*** [localealias.o] Error 1"
licq             -         undefined reference to pthread_kill_other_threads_np
linux86          #260647+  elksemu's file format not recognized
lsb-release      #249396+  mising 'amd64' in architecture list
lvm2             #298762+  "device/dev-io.c:342:3: #error miss O_NOATIME"
lxdoom           #279190+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
masqmail         #254720+  configure check for res_search in -lresolv fails
mn-fit           #301509   segmentation fault on 64bit architectures
mondo            -         missing amd64 in architecture list
mozart           -         "undefined reference to `free'"
mtr              #254089   configure check for res_mkquery broken
muddleftpd       #253618   missing -fPIC
nntp             #280278+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
ogre             -         "no matching function for call to ..."
oleo             #287854+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
oo2c             #251577+  missing 64bit-arch handling in debian/rules
perlipq          #278944   links against non-fPIC libipq.a
pike7.4          -         "*** [build/autodoc.xml] Segmentation fault"
plex86           -         amd64 missing from architecture list
pocketpc-gcc     -         "/tmp/ccEpnAHc.s:1046: Error: bignum invalid"
portslave        -         "pppd.h: No such file or directory"
prc-tools        -         "machine `x86_64' not recognized"
redboot          -         "Unknown target amd64"
radiusd-livingst #273629+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
rplay            #280274+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
rpvm             #277834   missing -fPIC in pvm library
rsplib           #305894   No sctplib installation found (/usr/lib/libsctp.a)
ruby-gnome2      #304951   "*** extconf.rb failed ***"
sam              #280259+  missing '#include <errno.h>' in libframe/misc.c
snacc            #277690   "*** [tbl.c] Segmentation fault"
socks4-server    #280262+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
syslinux         #306123+  amd64 missing from architecture list and FTBFS
tct              #254165+  missing 'defined(x86_64)' and '#include <errno.h>'
tela             -         configure: error: "Blas not found!"
vnc4             #276238   "debian/scripts/vars.amd64: No such file"
wine             -         needs porting/depends on 32bit libs
xfs-xtt          #253544+  "debian/scripts/vars.amd64: No such file"
xmms-kde         #284977   "Can't find X libraries"
xppaut           #306173+  missing '#include <errno.h>'
xview            #294844+  amd64 missing from architecture list

A '+' after the bug number indicates that a patch is available which fixes
the problem.

Additionally, the following "Architecture: all" packages from Debian sarge
fail to build from source on amd64:

Package          Bug No.  Description
---------------- -------  ---------------------------------------------------
libtool1.4       #247299  demo-nopic.test has to be skipped on amd64
... [this table has to be completed]

Last update: 2005-04-24 Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de>

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