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Re: Sarge release for amd64 - Please help to fix the remaining bugs

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 11:32:25AM +0200, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> There are still a few packages in sarge which fail to build from source 
> on amd64. Those packages will not be part of the amd64 release of sarge.

I've made a list list on saterday too which included all patched
versions in the archive that I know about, and which possible
could also need a patch.  It's available on:


Note that I also have a list of package that failed to build in
sid and sarge at /pure64/failed.txt and

> Package          BTS Bug   Problem description
> ---------------- -------   ---------------------------------------------------
> amynth           #274703+  missing '#include <signal.h>' in main.cc
That's amsynth

> armagetron       -         dh_installchangelogs: command returned error code 11

> cal3d            -      +  libcal3d-doc/html/functions_rela.html missing

> ftape-tools      -         "ltconfig: you must specify a host type..."
That's marked as not-for-us because it only works with older

> gnustep-base     -      +  does not build with gcc-3.3 (needs gcc >= 3.4)
It looks like it builds fine with gcc-3.3.  But if my memory is
any good, it (used to?) miscompile it?

> libgtk-java      -         java.lang.NullPointerException
There are alot of java package that fail to build and I still
have to track those down.  Those are ussually not the fault of
the package itself.  They're also arch all, so you can get them
from the archive anyway.

> libpolyxmass     -         "*** [localealias.o] Error 1"
#303856, not sure what you mean with that error.

> mondo            -         missing amd64 in architecture list
This requires mindi, which we don't have either.

> mozart           -         "undefined reference to `free'"
Not 64 bit clean: #119583

> ogre             -         "no matching function for call to ..."
It's in dep-wait for cegui-mk2-dev (#303072)
The version for sarge has: #291606

> plex86           -         amd64 missing from architecture list
I doubt plex86 is going to work at all.

> pocketpc-gcc     -         "/tmp/ccEpnAHc.s:1046: Error: bignum invalid"

> portslave        -         "pppd.h: No such file or directory"

> prc-tools        -         "machine `x86_64' not recognized"
It uses gcc 2.95, which just doesn't support us.

> redboot          -         "Unknown target amd64"

> tela             -         configure: error: "Blas not found!"

> xview            #294844+  amd64 missing from architecture list

It's been said more than once that xview (and everything
depending on it) does not work on ia64 and amd64.  You even said
so yourself in the bugreport.


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