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Re: ITP: spca5xx -- Device driver for USB webcams based on the spca5xx chips

Jeff Carr wrote:
I agree. I just built it again today against 2.6.11-1-686-smp (after using it for several months against 2.6.10-1-686-smp).
I do not use the debian kernel, i always use the tarball from kernel.org, just because i like this way.
I talked to the developer about getting it in the kernel, but he doesn't seem to care. If you want I would be willing to help get some people together to submit it into the main kernel sources.
For now, I think it would be best to get it put together as a patch for the debian-kernel team so it will automagically get built for each new 2.6.x kernel. Otherwise, we would have to package it up for each kernel as a seperate patch.
I agree, the better is to put it as a kernel-patch.
Unfortunetly I have zero experience hacking the kernel or modules, just compiling and using it.
Have you already made it into such a patch for the debian kernel sources? If not, I'd be happy to help with that also.
No, I doesn't, I always compile the module appart. The only thing I did was little changes to the Makefile to be able to install / uninstall.
The driver works great on the built in z-micro USB camera on my portable.
Is working great on Creative PC-CAM 300

-- Carlos C Soto :: eclipxe

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