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Re: Temporal Release Strategy

Adrian Bunk wrote:

Let me ask some questions:
- How many thousand people can't continue working if the server isn't
- How many million dollar does the customer lose every day the server is
  not available?
- How many days without this server does it take until the company is

These are interesting questions, but not really applicable. I've never seen a corporate enviornment where an upstream or outside distribution is deployed without being tested internally first. I don't think it's something that should be taken into account in the release process. Companies have internal methods for deployment that double check and verify a distribution before it is used.

There are reasons why companies pay several thousand dollars licence fees for every computer they run the enterprise version of some distribution on. E.g. RedHat supports each version of their enterprice edition for seven years.

I didn't know they had pledged to do that. Interesting.

How many days does it take in the US until a bank is bankrupt after a critical part of their computer infrastructure is broken?

I don't know. Maybe we should run a test :)


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