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What do you win by moving things to non-free?

On 4/16/05, Daniel Burrows <dburrows@debian.org> wrote:

>   A lot of people can't understand why we would consider software that comes
> with source code, is freely distributable, and may be modified in any way to
> be non-free simply because its license states that you may not use it if you
> are a business/work at a nuclear plant/are a member of a neo-Nazi group.  So,
> should we put software like that into main so that they don't "think the
> differences between free and non-free software are pretty small"?

How about having a new section, "open-source", or something, for the
things that fall in the category described above?  (i.e. software that
is _almost_ free, but has some small limitation over some freedom)

I know that having a new section would be a bit cumbersome, but I do
feel that the mixture of different "freeness" in non-free is a bit
unfair for those pieces of software that just fail a small point.

Would this be possible?


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