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Re: lintian & linda

In article <[🔎] 20050411155035.GA7383@ngolde.de> you wrote:
> There are some but in my opinion this is *not* the way open
> source works in general. The program is designed for users
> and users in most cases don't recognize in which language
> the program is written.

No open source is not about the user it is about the developers ego and
skills in the first place.

> And I don't think that there aren't enough skilled people who
> aren't able to provide patches.

You cant force an active community to stop working on a project, and I doubt
you can force a perl geek to indent code or have a python fan use cryptic
single character variables.  All they want to do is having fun while beeeing

And of course they like the competition and are proud of their work. Its
about humans.


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