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Re: Thoughts about changing Debian's release process

On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 10:46:35AM +1000, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> > > That's not true. If you can script it, FAI can do it. It just becomes a
> > > post-installation task. Using packages.d.o as an example, it's just going to
> > > be a predominantly an Apache configuration and some scripts, right? So you
> > > restore the scripts from backup, and dump the Apache config into the
> > > appropriate directory, all from within FAI.
> > 
> > ... and adding users
> > ... and adding groups
> > ... and permissions
> > ... fixing/checking paths
> > ... and adding links
> > ... and initialising
> > ... and fixing scripts
> > ... and fixing the installation
> > ... and adding more permissions
> > ... and monitoring the initialisation
> All doable.

Yep. The problem is that you need umpteen iterations for the
installation and you'll end up changing the FAI setup, installing,
waiting half an hour, testing, doesn't work, change FAI, repeat.

Or you'll fix it up by hand and forget to tell FAI of your manual
changes to your next iteration will stop at the same position. And yes,
I have experience with that. Currently I am working on a FAI setup for 
a lab of 10 Linux workstations which used to be manually maintained
which just eats too much time...



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