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Thoughts about changing Debian's release process

Hi Adrian, 

On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 08:54:11PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> [the usual discussion about release procedures]

I'd like to point out that these discussions lead nowhere just as many
others. Changing Debian is currently:

- discussing the problems
- discussing approaches to solve them
- flame war

Maybe at some time something is decided but nobody is able or has the
time to do it. 

What I think is that we lack the possibility to do any changes because
it is by far too much work. The whole Debian infrastructure can only be
recreated because there are a few key people knowing how everything
works and we even have backups. 

I mean - how is a ftp-master server installed? Somebody throws a Debian
release on a machine, installs the archive maintenance scripts from CVS
and configures everything. Or a backup is restored. Anyway - reproducing
the master server is hard because only few people have the knowledge and
they don't have time.

How is a buildd setup? There are more developers knowing how to do that
but it is still knowledge that is not distributed. 

My point: We need the possibility to recreate the current Debian
infrastructure for proposing changes to the current situation. 

So changing the way Debian runs should be more like: 

- find a problem (easy :))
- create a team to work on it (not as easy ;-)
- implement a proposed solution and test how it performs
- have a vote if it should be adopted as official

So basically to suggest a new release process we could have an
inofficial Debian release (Adrian's Debian :)) which is much faster by
using a different approach and after seeing how it works we could adopt
it for the project. 



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