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Re: Thoughts about changing Debian's release process

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 08:38:17PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Andreas Tille wrote:
> > >My point: We need the possibility to recreate the current Debian
> > >infrastructure for proposing changes to the current situation.
> > Not only this, we need the possibility to setup an alternate machine quickly
> > in case of hardware problems.  And we even have the solution inside Debian:
> > 
> >       FAI
> > 
> > Why not setting up important machines with FAI?
> Because that's not the solution.
> Installing a machine with Debian is not the problem.
> Installing and/or recreating the services on them is.
> This requires manual work, either during the recreation
> phase or during the development.

That's not true. If you can script it, FAI can do it. It just becomes a
post-installation task. Using packages.d.o as an example, it's just going to
be a predominantly an Apache configuration and some scripts, right? So you
restore the scripts from backup, and dump the Apache config into the
appropriate directory, all from within FAI.

FAI can be a total disaster recovery solution when you couple it with your
backups, however I will freely admit that it takes a lot of time (and
testing) to get it such that you can punch out an identical box,
sausage-machine style. Then of course you need to keep it up to date as
> I've finished the second deployment of packages.debian.org today,
> and even though we've improved the code and infrastructure a lot
> during the last deployment (it was a rewrite) it still took a while
> to get all bits sorted out properly.  The next move will be a lot
> faster, but I am not keen on moving it *again*.
> Also FAI doesn't work on 11 architectures.

Excluding the developer accessible machines, of the boxes that provide
critical Debian infrastructure, how many architectures are used? I know FAI
does i386 and Sparc.

newraff is i386
gluck is i386
murphy is i386
master is i386
merkel is ia64 - I have no idea if FAI can play ball on ia64

But the majority of what I believe to be project-critical machines are on
i386, which FAI can help with the receovery of.



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