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Re: Idea: about package installation under chroot.

"Jorge L. deLyra" <delyra@fma.if.usp.br> writes:

> > But you might need /proc.
> Well, I am starting to see that this might not be a good way to solve the
> problem but, still, if you need it, just mount it, and be aware that some
> daemons may come up and down on the server if you install or upgrade some
> package in these circumstances. If you do not need it, don't mount it and
> then do not worry about daemons...
> > If you are going to tell people "to prevent packages from starting
> > daemons, do this in the filesystem", then why not just have an
> > /etc/startdaemons file?
> Well, I suppose you could create this file briefly while doing the install
> or upgrade, and then delete it. You do not want it there permanently since
> the remote-boot machine is not to be prevented from starting daemons. Will
> using this file really work in this way?

I think you miss my point.

Rather than keying "restart daemons" to /proc (who would ever guess
that?!), I'm saying create something *new*, that means "this is a
chroot, don't restart demons".


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