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Re: Idea: about package installation under chroot.

> But you might need /proc.

Well, I am starting to see that this might not be a good way to solve the
problem but, still, if you need it, just mount it, and be aware that some
daemons may come up and down on the server if you install or upgrade some
package in these circumstances. If you do not need it, don't mount it and
then do not worry about daemons...

> If you are going to tell people "to prevent packages from starting
> daemons, do this in the filesystem", then why not just have an
> /etc/startdaemons file?

Well, I suppose you could create this file briefly while doing the install
or upgrade, and then delete it. You do not want it there permanently since
the remote-boot machine is not to be prevented from starting daemons. Will
using this file really work in this way?

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