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Re: discrepancies between uploaded and source-built .deb

Jeroen van Wolffelaar:

> [Karl Chen:]
> > I didn't know about debdiff - that would have saved me from
> > basically re-implementing it.
> Common problem unfortunately in the open source/Debian world... not that
> $what_you_want doesn't exist, but that you just don't know it exists nor
> where to find it :(.

The Debian archive is admirably vast.  Out of this free software sea,
you can usually fish the one sarge package you need with debram.  Debram
sorts sarge's 14,000+ packages into broad classes, then divides and
redivides them into 470 finer, more specific branches.

Debram is part of the Debtags project.  Debtags development info here:


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