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Re: .d.o machines which are down (Re: Questions for the DPL candidates)

> For sparc, a second buildd was brought on-line on auric this year because
> (IIRC) vore was not keeping up with the upload volume at the time; this
> required effort on DSA's part to clear enough disk space to be able to run a
> buildd, until which time sparc was holding some RC bugfixes out of testing.
> If sparc had had a buildd in reserve, this would not have affected the flow
> of development for sarge.  Auric is now off-line, as noted.

My point exactly, though. It was a problem with CPU, not a problem with
machine availability. Your alpha example is a case of hardware
availability. I recall that same event, and no one had a spare alpha, or
didn't have a place to host it. Alpha's a dead platform.

If this e3500 dies, I can get another machine within days to replace it.
I'll keep this Ultra2 (2x400mhz, 1gig ram) on standby in the event that
something happens to it, so it can be used in the interim until I get a
suitable replacement.

How's that?

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