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Re: Security support for tier-2

Scripsit Matthias Urlichs <smurf@smurf.noris.de>
> Hi, Sven Luther wrote:

>> Because of [1], because they said they will drop security on tier-2
>> arches and that porters should be left to fend by themselves, did
>> they not ?

> Nothing's going to prevent porters from adding stable-security (or
> whatever) to their autobuilders,

True - for as long as they do not try to upload the result to the
Debian archive, which will carry only "unstable".

> so even if "they" drop support, the only work porters would have to
> do WRT each security-bugfixed package would be "sign the .changes
> file".

Plus set up their own non-Debian distribution mechanism for the
results, choose a name that does not coflict with the Debian
trademark, educate users about their new name, get users to accept a
non-Debian archive signing key, et cetera. In short, split off and
create yet another loosely-based-on-Debian distribution.

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