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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

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David Schmitt <david@schmitt.edv-bus.at> wrote:

>> Sure, and I won't say the contrary. But having a great infrastructure
>> (which is the case) and great people doing good work is of no help in
>> making Debian if you haven't got any packages. We have some 10k+
>> packages, only a fraction of them are actually maintained by those
>> people.
> Looking at efforts for coordination and doing the needed work for a stable 
> release (tracking RC bugs, D-I, security support, buildd administration) the 
> ratio is exactly the other way. Debian is Debian/stable. Removing those 
> working primarily on releasing would leave only a shell of Debian behind.

We are all working for the stable release, you know. We're all trying
to provide the best software in the best distribution. That's partly
why we're all trying to slip a new revision of a package under the
door: because we're never satisfied.

Saying anything else is just an insult to us all.


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