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Re: Vancouver meeting - clarifications

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:

> (And please remember that even if the proposed policy would become
> effective without any change, that doesn't necessarily mean the end to a
> certain architecture,

Can you please elaborate on this?  Many people have pointed out that
having no testing, no stable release, and no security support would
effectively mean the end of that architecture within Debian.  Many
people, some from the Vancouver team, have said that this is not the
case; but all these statements involved some way of "it wasn't meant
like that, it's not written clearly".

Now you are saying that if the proposed policy would be implemented as
the words stand, it would still not mean an end?

Do you have new arguments for that, or is it just that you, too, think
that the text does not express what you intended it to express?  If the
latter is true, pray rephrase the proposal, so that we know what we are
talking about.

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Inst. f. Biochemie der Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer

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