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Re: Vancouver meeting - clarifications


* Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen@err.no) [050315 12:40]:
> * Andreas Barth 
> | (And, BTW, newraff is a quite mature box. Of course, there is always
> | more and better hardware available, but newraff is already a very good
> | machine. And, we want to give the testing migration script more tasks,
> | like handling of the udebs, which puts load off from human being and on
> | into a script. But that increases the ressources the script uses.)

> (As I'm not a RM/RA and don't have access to newraff, I didn't know
> newraff ran out of memory due to the testing scripts -- in fact, I
> thought it was doing very well, given that auric used to have problems
> completing the testing scripts at all (IIRC), while aj said the
> scripts take about 20 minutes on newraff now (he posted this in
> January).)

Well, but the saved time is already used: We rerun britney sometimes
multiple times a day. That makes resolving of some critical issues much
faster. So, we can only trade one issue with another.

(And please remember that even if the proposed policy would become
effective without any change, that doesn't necessarily mean the end to a
certain architecture, but just that the the amount of extra work the
architectures had been for the release team and other core teams needs
to go down. Of course, having better support is my prefered way, but if
that doesn't work, getting the number of archs down is another

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