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Re: Vancouver meeting - clarifications

* Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen@err.no) [050315 10:50]:
> * Andreas Barth 

> | For example, the more architectures are included the longer the migration
> | testing script takes.  We are already at the limit currently (and also
> | have out-of-memory issues from time to time). For example, currently we
> | restrict the number of some hints to only 5 per day to keep up the
> | scripts. Also, the udebs are not taken into account, which requires more
> | manual intervention. With a lower number of release architecture, we can
> | and will improve our scripts.
> Debian has a fairly big chunk of cash lying about.  If we have
> problems doing testing migration because of not enough hardware, this
> is something I think we should spend money on.  Or we could ask a
> sponsor (hi HP!:) if they would be willing to donate some more memory.

Well, that was one of the examples where we pay a price for more
architectures. Of course, the testing migration script is not all, and
this problem can be solved, but I think we should not forget that we pay
a price - even if at the end, we think the price is acceptable.

(And, BTW, newraff is a quite mature box. Of course, there is always
more and better hardware available, but newraff is already a very good
machine. And, we want to give the testing migration script more tasks,
like handling of the udebs, which puts load off from human being and on
into a script. But that increases the ressources the script uses.)

One of the problems is that for every decision (and even for the
decision to don't make a decision), we pay a price.  There are prices
I'm not willing to pay (like another release cycle of the length of
sarge) - but well, if Debian goes into that direction, I'll go out of
the way.  Other people are not willing to pay other prices.  My goal is
to find a route to take that as many people as possible are considering
as acceptable.

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