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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

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Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> wrote:

> | How could we know ? We know nothing about Ubuntu, nothing about
> | Canonical, nothing about the goals, nothing about how everything was
> | done to begin with, nothing about who works or doesn't work there.
> That, sir, would be entirely the fault of yourself.  It's three clicks
> from the front page of canonical.com what the goals of Ubuntu is.
> It's well documented on the www.ubuntu.com pages.  About who works or
> doesn't work there, well, though it's not secret, it's not like the
> company roster is publically available.  A lot of the names should be
> easy to pick out, though.

For $DEITY's sake. Will you please understand that the Ubuntu folks
totally failed to inform their fellows about what was going on ? And
at the time, there was no Canonical website, no Ubuntu website. Only a
handful of patches up on no-name-yet.

I think we deserved a better explanation.

> I don't think accusing the Ubuntu developers of hiding information is

At the time of no-name-yet, they *were* hiding information.

> fair.  I don't think most Debian developers would be happy if the
> Ubuntu developers forced more information down their throats -- just
> look at how unhappy people got by jdub posting his «ubuntu blog
> updates» to a feed which ended up on planet debian.

I have no problem with posts about what's going on at Ubuntu, be it on
Planet or on -devel or on -custom (I don't read -custom, but I could
start) or wherever.

> | How are we supposed to trust you ? I certainly can't until this is
> | fixed.
> You can look at the processes as documented on the Ubuntu web site.

I found out, thanks.

> There's not much we can do to make you trust us, saying «please trust
> us, we're nice» is a no-op.  You can look at what the Ubuntu
> developers are doing and make your own judgements.  Ask on the lists,
> ask on IRC.  I don't think posting Ubuntu material to Debian lists is
> in any way appropriate.

I have no problem whatsoever about working with the Ubuntu folks, and
you know it, btw :)

I never refused to work with someone. I never refused a good patch. I
never killfiled anyone. Debian is a teamwork, and I'm playing in the
team as much as I can. That's not true of everybody.


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