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usbmount: udev script to automatically (un)mount USB mass storage devices: include in Debian?


I have written and packaged a script to automatically mount and unmount
USB mass storage devices (e.g. USB memory pens) when they are plugged in
or removed. The script is invoked by udev.

To solicit opinions, I posted about it to debian-mentors list last


In the course of the discussion I got the impression that this way of
automatically (un)mounting USB devices was not percieved as a good idea.
In particular, it was pointed out that similar functionality can be
achieved with the pmount package. Therefore, I didn't try to find a
sponsor at that time.

However, my package continued to remain useful for me despite the
existence of pmount, mainly because I don't use a desktop environment.
pmount develops its real power when used in combination with HAL. As a
standalone application, pmount requires the user to know the filename of
the device node, so IMHO it solves a different problem than my package.
For this reason, I have made the latter available as an unofficial
package from my webpage:


Today, Rafael Laboissiere has contacted me with an offer to sponsor my
package. After having read the discussion on debian-mentors (of which
he had been unaware), he still agreed with me that my package could be
useful to users who don't use a desktop environment, and he suggested
that I ask other Debian developers for their opinion.

So, the question is: Should usbmount be included in Debian?


PS: Rafael has asked that all mails regarding this topic are CC'ed to
    him, please. M-F-T header set accordingly.

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