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Re: Clanlib 0.7

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 07:28:51PM -0500, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   Hi all,


>   This is just a note for anyone who's looking for a project.  I was just 
> trying to compile some software, and it bombed out because I didn't have the 
> right ClanLib version installed.  I looked into the matter a little, and 
> found a nearly two-year-old bug (#188449) asking for the library to be 
> updated to the latest version.
>   For people not familiar with it, ClanLib is a moderately popular high-level 
> game programming library used by a number of different games.  It has had a 
> tendency to break API compatibility in the past, and it appears that the 
> latest release is binary and source incompatible, so a lot of recent software 
> is not compilable on Debian at all.  Because the incompatibility is two-way, 
> anyone who packages this will have to make allowances for installing both 
> versions at once.  Unofficial packages are available (see the bug), but will 
> have to be reviewed for policy compliance and so on.

ClanLib0.7 is already uploaded to experimental branch. 

It waits for ftp-master approval for almost two months now. 


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