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Re: mirror the Packages files _after_ the packages!

Jeroen> Debian could promote this two-phase mirroring a bit more
Jeroen> maybe, and/or provide nice scripts, that's probably why #6786
Jeroen> is still open.

I suppose Debian is promoting one-phase mirroring and two phase
mirroring is "roll your own".

If you want me to tell my administrator to do something, I need
something succinct, like "apt-get install two-phase-mirroring".

Jeroen> #6786 doesn't need to be fixed for this, the mirror admin of
Jeroen> xxxxxx.linux.org.xx just needs to implement two-phase mirroring,
Jeroen> something that anyone with a bit shell/rsync foo can implement on
Jeroen> his/her own, and ttbomk, already a lot of mirrors actually _do_.

If this two-phase-mirroring is the way to go, then there ought to be a
standard package to do it. How can there be 10000+ packages but no
package to make sure the 10000+ packages get mirrored properly?

Any approved recommended debugged method would certainly have its own
package, where the administrator would merely enter some configuration
parameters in some /etc file.

Does http://www.debian.org/mirror/ at least have the
two-phase-mirroring script?

Is there any official documentation?

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