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Re: mirror the Packages files _after_ the packages!

S> You've been told this before -- *debian-devel does not control the mirroring
S> implementation used by arbitrary Debian mirrors*.  Either talk to the mirror
S> team and give them enough information to track this down, or -- since you
S> know him well enough to be kept in the loop about his vacation schedule --
S> talk to your local mirror operator directly and get him to stop using broken
S> mirroring scripts.

I'm saying that bug 6786 has the potential to turn the current perhaps
two hour per day down time for apt-get, aptitude, etc. into a several
day long down time.

D> > Failed to fetch http://xxxxxx.linux.org.xx/debian/pool/main/xxxxx

S> Yeah, real helpful of you to blot out the only potentially useful bit of
S> information in your post...

No. The root of the problem is bug 6786.  Indeed if 6786 were fixed,
the mirror process could break at any time and users could still
apt-get upgrade with yesterdays state instead of not being to apt-get
upgrade at all (if the mirror process happen to break during the 2
hour dark period each day.) Indeed, no 2 hour dark period necessary too.

Please double check 6786 to see if it is merely a local problem.
Would you close it?

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