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Re: circular dependencies and dist-upgrades sarge->woody

Steve Langasek wrote:
> > There is one case in which users can be bitten by this: when using apt-get
> > dist-upgrade to sarge, so when documenting the woody-sarge upgrade, it should
> > be at least mentioned that the user can run into this and should first
> > upgrade apt to solve this problem.
> The release notes currently recommend to use aptitude, not apt-get, for
> upgrading from woody to sarge.  Do you know if this problem also occurs with
> woody's aptitude?

It should most probably be pointed out in the release notes that
upgrading apt-get as first package will work fine as well, unless it
won't.  We've had a similar requirement for a former release where
dpkg and/or apt-get needed to be updated first in order to make the
dist-upgrade happen fine.

Otherwise, it would be quite a regression that apt-get won't be
able to handle the dist-upgrade fine anymore.



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