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Re: circular dependencies and dist-upgrades sarge->woody

On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 02:26:45PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > There is one case in which users can be bitten by this: when using apt-get
> > dist-upgrade to sarge, so when documenting the woody-sarge upgrade, it should
> > be at least mentioned that the user can run into this and should first
> > upgrade apt to solve this problem.
> The release notes currently recommend to use aptitude, not apt-get, for
> upgrading from woody to sarge.  Do you know if this problem also occurs with
> woody's aptitude?

I haven't been hit by it yet using aptitude (didn't run aptitude to upgrade a
Quickly browsing through (current) aptitudes source: 
download.cc, line 463 calls pkgDPkgPM::DoInstall
which in turn calls libaptpkg's pkgDPkgPM::Go, where the whole problem lives
(it splits dpkg command lines at 'hard' borders (MaxArgs); newer apt works around this
by increasing the command line length, so the probability to split a circular
dependency is lower, but not absent).

Conclusion: as a non-apt(itude)-expert, I think it would be possible to run into
this problem (maybe someone with better apt(itude) knowledge should have a look
at this).

c u

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