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Re: Debian mirror scripts

Cajus Pollmeier wrote:

Here's the result of some testing:

debpool:    is fine for new pools, but recreating the whole mirror with
        .deb and .udeb packages didn't work and I'm not the perl
        guy who's capable of fixing it.
dak:        too complicated for fire and forget
mirrorer:    not tested because alioth is still down

You can find it here as a workround for now :

As lots of stuff in this page, it is a quick packaging for my personnal use, so do not expect it reaches Debian standard. reprepro is the old name of mirrorer. I made this package from CVS sources last week after reading this thread.

Note that my web page is automatically generated from the Pakages/Sources files with WML processing. If someones are interested, just ask for it.

departialmirror: not a package, after resolving some dependencies,
        it actually did not do what I wanted.

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