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Re: Debian mirror scripts

otto.wyss@orpatec.ch (Otto Wyss) writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
>> > Sure? Anyway DpartialMirror "http://dpartialmirror.sourceforge.net/";
>> > can.
>> >
>> A note of caution:
>> | 2004-04-03 (wyo) Since Debian does not change its policy to add
>> | adequate support for rsync'ing package mirrors, I don't actively
>> | develop DpartialMirror further.
> :-( Sad, isn't it?
>> Any user of dpartialmirror should check out mirrorer from alioth. I
>> only glanced at the webpage and haven't used dpartialmirror but now
>> that mirrorer has filtering support it looks like mirrorer could
>> replace dpartialmirror completly and I'm also thinking about retireing
>> debmirror in favour of a wrapper to mirrorer.
> I guess mirrorer doesn't care for bandwith saving as DpartialMirror,
> correct me if I'm wrong.

Currently it will always redownload the Packages/Sources files as gzip
on every update to fix a bug in the apt methods. But I already
suggested only updating those that don't match the Release file. And,
unless you have an rsync method for apt, it won't rsync files.

While rsyncing the Packages files sounds like a good idea to save
traffic it actualy is a bit insignificant compared to the daily
traffic of new sources and debs.

The good news is that Andreas Barth is working on enabling
Packages/Sources diff files for the Debian archive and that would
reduce Packages/Sources updates to ~30K a day instead of the >3MB
download. Once the apt method for this is written mirrorer can use it.

But again, that little traffic is insignificant for someone with a
complete mirror for one or more archs. For a very partial mirror,
e.g. only D-I stuff or only installed deb, it might look different.

> O. Wyss


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