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Re: Debian mirror scripts

Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> writes:

> Hello Cajus,
> * Cajus Pollmeier <cajus@naasa.net> [2005-01-30 15:26]:
>> I'm looking for a script that regenerates Packages* and Release
>> files for a complete mirror. Due to some installer development, I
>> currently need to switch the mirrors during installation in order to
>> get up to date packages.
>> Tried to work around this with a simple script that merges my
>> packages into the local mirror and regenerates everything as
>> needed. But sadly this doesn't seem to be perfect :-( The installer
>> just doesn't want to get some of these packages, even if the md5's
>> are correct. Switching from http to ftp gets some more of them and
>> stucks some packages later. Grrr.
>> So let's try this way: Is there a ready to use script which I didn't 
>> find
>> by googling around yet?
> what about debmirror?
> regards nico

Debmirror is purely a mirror tool. It will download the Meta files
just like any other file.

You can easily switch between mirror of equal contents but not create
Packages files reflecting what is locally available.


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